About Truly Bedrock

Most Common Question and Answers

Q: What is Truly Bedrock?
    - A survival multiplayer Minecraft server on the Bedrock Edition of realms. 15 YouTuber content creators play together to build, mine, farm and make amazing videos!

Q: What's the IP?
    - The realm is not public. We have a whitelist which you can apply to be a part of. See the applications page for more info.

Q: What's the seed?
    - Season 0: 78 | Season 1: 96

Q: How many members are there?
    - Currently we have 15 members.

Q: Can I join?
    - You can apply if you a regular minecraft content creator over the age of 18. See the applications page for more info.

Q: Can I contact you?
    - Sure, join our discord to talk to us directly and become part of the community. Discord Invite Link.

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