Truly Bedrock - S1 E26 - Minecraft Decorating w/Foxynotail! - Minecraft SMP

In today's episode of Truly Bedrock we finish up the 2nd story décor of Elaine Manor! We later join Foxy to do some town hall decorating!


Join me as I play vanilla Minecraft alongside several other awesome content creators! Just having fun together, surviving and thriving!

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Truly Bedrock is a private multiplayer realm.


▶DaphneElaine's Resource Pack [3-24-19] BEDROCK Only -
▶Zip Folder [Java Users]-
▶ RESOURCE PACK [12-2-18] -
▶ Edis Shaders W10/PE -
▶JermsyBoy Resource Pack (Bedrock Edition) -
▶Single Player WORLD SEED: -738961798
▶SINGLE Player Ravine Base Coordinates ☛ 938, 48, -141

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