How to prank your friends. 2 great pranks on Truly Bedrock S1E45

Welcome to episode 45 on Season 1 of Truly Bedrock! Truly Bedrock is a SMP (survival multiplayer) series I play along with 15 other great youtubers, check the link to our website below!

Today’s episode starts out with some basic maintenance type things… first… kelp farms are terrible now, and if you have one already built, you’ll need to knock up and replace all of your kelp to get it growing again. They are much slower now too which is terrible. Then, I go bee hunting, and get some bee’s going so I can make some hives and get ready to build a bee farm. From there, it’s pranks prank pranks! We prank Mr. fox without a tail, and the nether man himself Zap!
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