Truly Bedrock - A Simple Exchange - Ep 42


Sometimes the best gift you can get is finding out you were wrong.

Welcome back to Truly Bedrock!

Today we hang out with Jessiie and Prowl to start a new group project!

Then, we deliver our Secret Santa gift to Foxy. Y'know, despite him having rigged the whole thing.

Except... things may not be as they seem?

Thank you for the adorable fanart! Shoutout to Zelenka!

Special thanks to two of my fans for the teddy bear totem design and resource pack!
Recoded Zaphod
Who did a design for Java to begin with, after I'd been dilly-dallying for months
and NuclearShadowYT
Who refined the design and made it into a Bedrock resource pack!
If you'd like to download the Bedrock .mcpack file, here it is:


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All music from King Oseaun

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