Base Preparations | Truly Bedrock [1-43] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP (MCPE / MCBE)

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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode I start by explaining that it's impossible to make an automatic pumpkin shearing machine on Bedrock edition because Shears in dispensers won't shear pumpkins.

I then move on to covering up the giant Moon Rock crater which hit my base before. I cover it all over with grass, even with a short timelapse done by Chuck until he was killed by a Phantom mid recording.

I finish the rest with regular progress updates until it's all completely smoothed over.

Once that's done I move the Pillager Captain that's trapped in a boat, up the hill next to the other trapped Pillager.

I finish the episode by repairing all of my tools and armour at the Guardian Farm.

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