Truly Bedrock S1E49 1.13 The Good, Bad, and Ugly | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP, MCPE, MCBE

Welcome back to another episode of Truly Bedrock! Today in our Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP Let's Play we are rolling straight into 1.13.

Now from all the things I have heard 1.13 has a lot of bugs but it also has a lot of bug fixes and is bringing a lot of changes to the game. So today we are going to test a few things out.
A few things we are going to check out are.

Check to see if Furnace arrays can now keep their XP.
Check if bulk crafting still makes items vanish from your inventory.
Check out the new Item frames that can be placed on floors.
Check out the new Flower mechanics.

Along the way of checking those things out we find a few other things that are just not what I'd call good.

Elytra arm punching.
Realm Rollbacks.
Eating Bugs
Nether Portals not working.

Through out the testing things do take a turn for the worse as some may have already seen but the good thing is there was a update to fix the issues that were experienced in this video as far as rollbacks go.

That being said I hope you enjoy today's episode of Truly Bedrock.

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