Truly Bedrock S1E63 XP Farm Testing and Secret Santa | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP, MCPE, MCBE

Welcome back to another episode of Truly Bedrock! Today in our Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP Let's Play we are digging back in to xp farms. Recently with 1.14 the kelp xp farm has been totally broken...

That being covered we need a new form of xp and with all the fish that is produced at the fish farm and mob farm we can't help but try to turn that into a free form of xp... and to be honest free is free. All we are out is a bit of math and testing to see if we can get a new xp furnace array up and running. While doing that I also remember that we need to do our Secret Santa for Ly and we get that taken care of too today.

That being said I hope you enjoy today's episode of Truly Bedrock.

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