UHC Captains #8 - FINALE! Bedrock vs Java SHOWDOWN!


Welcome back to UHC Captains!!

This is a brand new type of UHC, pairing aspects of standard and final arena variants. Participants are split into teams, and each team has a Captain who will serve as their representative in the final arena!

That means in addition to the usual UHC quests of staying alive and gearing up individually, there's the added pressure of optimizing one player's gear above all others!

Additionally, there are custom advancements scattered throughout the map which will give special advantages in the final arena, ranging from fetching items to killing other captains!

Captain of my team, Team Gold - I mean, Team Honey, was the honey baked ham himself, my fellow Truly Bedrock Member, Silentwisperer (https://youtube.com/silentwisperer). Along with two members of his Patreon community, we head off into the wilds of a fresh 1.15 world to gear up and kick butt!

The other Captains were:
Logical Geek Boy: https://www.youtube.com/logicalgeekboy
Docm77: http://youtube.com/Docm77
Sliced Lime: https://www.youtube.com/slicedlime
fWhip: http://youtube.com/fwhip

I hope you enjoy watching!

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Description of UHC Captains as written by its inventor, Logical Geek Boy:
UHC Captains is a new variation of the popular UHC game format. There are five teams, each having a team captain. The captains are YouTube content creators and the rest of their team is made up from friends and people from their communities.
There are two phases, the first is traditional UHC and the second is a final battle in a specially made arena between the captains.
Players use the UHC phase to gear up the captains for the final battle and gain custom advancements to give them special abilities. The last surviving captain will be crowned champion!

To learn more, check out his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SelfVaC9sKQ

The special advancements in the game are:
Hero: Kill an opposition captain -- Enchanted apple apple
Assassin: Kill an opposition player -- Blindness splash potion
Vertigo: Reach Y=256 -- Levitation splash potion
Hellraiser: Enter the nether -- Fire resistance splash potion
Beekeeper: Find special beehive -- Summon swarm of bees
Seeing the Light: Get glowstone -- Glowing effect splash potion
Invisible Man: Find special spider eye -- Invisibility splash potion
Hunter: Kill 10 zombies -- Strength splash potion
Salesman: Trade with a villager -- Golden carrots
Architect: Find special lever -- Control of Arena doorways
Sweet Tooth: Find special honey block -- Control honey traps
Born Again: Find special skeleton skull -- Instantly revive one dead teammate


Fesliyan Studios "Anticipation"
Tut Tut Child "Fast Pursuit"
(aka "I bought this music for the halloween thing I might as well use them again")

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