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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode SlackLizard and I build a perfect squid farm on the Truly Bedrock Season 1 Realm.

We start by building out a safety platform high up over the ocean.
We then make a 2 by 2 chunk platform and put minecart rails down with a hopper minecart unloader system.

We then put in a layer of magma blocks above the minecart rails with glass around the outside and fill the farm with water.

We create an AFK position that is just far enough away from the Squid Farm for Squid and Dolphins to spawn but not close enough to allow fish, cod, salmon and tropical fish to spawn.

We don't want another fish farm or another afk bone farm, we just want ink sacs.

This farm gives around 450 ink sacs per hour and a little bit of raw cod because of dolphins.

The farm is extremely fast and gives great rates. Slack Lizard didn't think it was possible to make a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Squid Farm or a fast ink sac farm for bedrock edition, but I proved that it is possible.

The trick is to ensure no squids, dolphins or turtles ever spawn in the ocean below by building everything up high and never dropping down towards the ocean.

By doing this, it's possible to build an AFK Ink Sac farm that works on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

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