Truly Bedrock SMP S1 : E36 - Making an Automatic Honey and Honeycomb Farm!

Welcome back to another episode of Truly Bedrock SMP Season 1!

In this episode I show off the redstone for the 3x3 piston door which is made out of slime blocks and the new honey block.

After that I head back to the base area and work out how to make an automatic honey and honeycomb farm. Once the honey farm is completed I install an automatic minecart unloader to collect all of the honey bottles and honeycombs.

Automatic Honey Farm (Bee Farm) Tutorial

Automatic Minecart Unloader Tutorial

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Truly Bedrock SMP is a Bedrock Edition SMP/ Let's Play server for content creators on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Xbox/MCPE/Windows 10/Switch/PS4).

Created in v1.14.0 ( Minecraft Bedrock Edition / Better Together )