Truly Bedrock S1E48 FOG, SORTERS, and VINES | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP, MCPE, MCBE

Welcome back to another episode of Truly Bedrock! Today in our Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP Let's Play we are going to finish and fix a few more things around base.

Starting things off today we are going to get started on the fog effect lake that was recently dug in front of the base and try to get this thing finished and out of the way.
Now while finishing up on this project I do run into a issue and I would greatly appreciate feedback from all of you all on how we handle this issue!

That being covered next we work on the item sorter some and fix a few issues with the modified Tango Tek item sorter we have in our base and then we build up a basic vine farm for our use.

That being said I hope you enjoy today's episode of Truly Bedrock.

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