Truly Bedrock - The Scene of the Crime w/ Silentwisperer - Ep 18

Welcome back to Truly Bedrock!

This time we're heading back to the beginning! TIME TO RECLAIM WHAT'S RIGHTFULLY OURS!!!

After an accidental raid at my village, Silent and I get a taste for the hunt and decide to go relive the fun from the episode 0 competition. Our goal? DO IT BETTER THIS TIME, and take home the glory and prizes that were ours in an alternate reality.

Please upvote the raid spawning in caves bug! HUGELY frustrating!

Huge shoutout to Silentwisperer for all the fun adventures today, definitely go check out his channel and thank him for the fun time!

And a shoutout to my Patron E_Double_D for providing the extra bit of voiceovers for me, and on short notice! You rock!


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Sunshower, River Bunny, & Movie Night - King Oseaun

Meteor shower stock footage

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