Truly Bedrock - Searching for the Swamp Fox - Ep 36

When something bumps in the night... will you run? Or will you hunt?

On this very special episode of Truly Bedrock, I join JessiieB and Prowl8413 on a search for the elusive swamp fox that's been plaguing the server for months.

Jess wants to capture it to prove she's right about something, in hopes people will listen to her about the moon being a crisis. Prowl wants to kill it for a trophy and respect.

Me? I'm mostly there so Prowl's trigger happy Baron persona doesn't accidentally shoot Jess, but I'm also still wondering who's been eating my cakes.

This episode is the single largest editing project I've ever undertaken, so please enjoy.

Special thanks to BugmanCX for providing the opening narration

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"Too Crazy" and "Anticipation"

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