Truly Bedrock - S1 E20 - Truly 7 Mini-Mart Super Sale! Plus, A real storage room! - Minecraft SMP

Today we stock the shop with some rare and amazing items! We also finally work on a storage room!


Join me as I play vanilla Minecraft alongside several other awesome content creators! Just having fun together, surviving and thriving!

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Truly Bedrock is a private multiplayer realm.


▶DaphneElaine's Resource Pack [3-24-19] BEDROCK Only -
▶Zip Folder [Java Users]-
▶ RESOURCE PACK [12-2-18] -
▶ Edis Shaders W10/PE -
▶JermsyBoy Resource Pack (Bedrock Edition) -
▶Single Player WORLD SEED: -738961798
▶SINGLE Player Ravine Base Coordinates ☛ 938, 48, -141

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