Truly Bedrock - Mine for the Taking - Ep 48

It's like no one around here knows how to use a pickaxe.

Welcome back to Truly Bedrock!

Today we head into the caves with TizzTom for some ABBA caving, but with a twist: this is Bedrock, land of the mediocre iron farms, so what we're after is allll of the iron, to feed the redstone masses that which they crave :3c

Of course, Tizz and I are still in kind of a weird place as far as the feud goes, so he might be sneaking up on me now and then...

Afterwards we go say hi to Jessiie B and talk about some of the other spoils of mining - coal! The dumb boys are still fighting over which kind of wood makes the best charcoal, and in the process are burning it all out of spite, not to run smelters... so they may need some smelting help.


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