Library + Trick or Treating | Truly Bedrock Season 1 [63] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP

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2x2 Piston Door Tutorial:

In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode I work on another room of my base build.

I decide to work on the large library at the back of the house, complete with conservatory and plants.

I use lots of bookshelves to make the library which I craft from Leather and Paper which I got from my Passive Mob Farm and also the 0-Tick Sugar Cane Farm.

I use stripped dark oak, spruce slabs and stripped oak walls to decorate the library with a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

I also include a secret room behind a 2x2 piston door (jeb door) which has an enchanting room behind.

Also in this episode I go trick or treating and I also try to find KillaDrones cats that he hid in the shopping area as a Halloween game.

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