New trident killer to replace the old. Minecraft Walkthrough on Truly Bedrock s1ep53

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode on The Walkthrough, played on the Truly Bedrock server! This is a guide series like no other! It is played on the bedrock edition of Minecraft, and is played on a Survival Multiplayer server! So not only will I get to go over the normal guide-type things such as game mechanics, farms, how to build certain things, and more… but we can also cover some unique multi-player type things as well, which I don’t think any other guide does! Your comments are encouraged, as this series will be interactive and I will take your feedback into what I will do in future episodes!

In the walkthrough today we build my brand new design for a trident killer, replacing the old broken trident killers that used to work. We are setting this up over at my cave spider / zombie spawner area so I can use it to keep my experience points up while I AFK at my automatic stone generator, or AFK easily for levels.

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