Truly Bedrock S1 : E31 - Pranked & Games!

Welcome back to another episode of Truly Bedrock SMP - Season 1!

In this episode I get pranked by Lyarrah and take on Zap's new game in the gaming area!

After that, I continue working on my redstone maze. For the second level I will be making an invisible maze, but with a redstone twist!

This redstone maze is going to house multiple levels of redstone builds (e.g. a 1x2 sand piston door, barrel locks, hopper clock, hidden inputs, the RS NOR latch, and much more!).

This redstone maze/puzzle game was inspired by the Mumbo Jumbo Slabyrinth in HermitCraft Season 5, but will have my own redstone touch to it!

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Truly Bedrock SMP is a Bedrock Edition SMP/ Let's Play server for content creators on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Xbox/MCPE/Windows 10/Switch).

Created in v1.12.1 ( Minecraft Bedrock Edition / Better Together )

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