About Killa Drone MC

My mind is weak, but my body is ready.

Truly Bedrock Life:
Brought to life in a lab by SilentWisperer, KillaDrone was made for the purposes of being a servant.
After being terrible at his job, he was fired by SilentWisperer.
KillaDrone now spends his life looking for inner peace.
Having pufferfish for a brain doesn't exactly bode well for his intelligence, but he's a nice enough guy.

Real Life:
KillaDrone (AKA Jordan) is mainly a Minecraft Java Edition player.
His channel has a long running Let's Play series, where he has created builds such as Atlantica, Halloween Town, and more.
Outside of the YouTube space, KillaDrone lives in the southern United States and goes to college for Computer Science.
He has a girlfriend (Kayla) and a dog (Rally) that he lives with.
YouTube is not Killas full time job, he has a job in IT part time while he continues to take classes.
Any further information can always be asked in his Discord.