About Prowl8413

Makes simple things extremely complicated!

Hi! I’m Prowl, and thanks for coming over to my page. I got into playing Minecraft in mid-2017 because I was trying to find a video game my young kids could play (they were 4 and 5 at the time) and I needed to figure it out first to teach them… this was on the Wii-U (eww) but me and my wife had fun playing it and the kids loved it! So, after some casual play here and there, I decided to get the Xbox 1 edition, and I had a ton of fun coming up with my own designs for farms. As I learned about the game and watched video’s on YouTube, I quickly found out that it was too easy for people to confuse java-based content with the bedrock edition, and it was causing a lot of frustration in the community. So… with that in mind, and an awesome mob farm design I was eager to share, I decided to upgrade my PC, install Minecraft on there, and start recording! The rest as they say… is history.

Now for those that care, a little about me personally 😊. I am 36 years old, married, and have 2 wild and crazy kiddos. I’m the type of dad that never misses anything, school meeting, sporting event, birthday party for a friend, count me in, I’m there! On top of that, I coach my son’s soccer team, work a full-time job, and take classes online. So, during the week, including Minecraft, I have a 19 hour work day, and sleep about 5 hours… while weekend is spent either taking the kids out to fun events (museums, fairs, amusement parks, etc.), or tending to all the housework that needs to be done, and still getting about 5-6 hours of sleep a night! I operate under the principal that if you want something in life, you must work your butt off to get it, and not let anything get in your way. This is what got me to where I am now and will get me to where I want to be in the future… a top YouTube content creator that helps a lot of people find joy in the things I find joy doing.

I hope you enjoy my content, and you not only subscribe to me, but all my friends here on Truly Bedrock. See you in-game!