Iron Farm | Golem Death Via Zoglins | Truly Bedrock S2 Ep06

Welcome to Season 2 of Truly Bedrock! Truly Bedrock is a Survival Multiplayer Server on a Minecraft Bedrock Edition dedicated server. Truly Bedrock has 18 content creators working together, and on their own separate bases, to make an amazing Minecraft world. If you would like to learn more about Truly Bedrock, you can visit the website link below! Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy!

In episode 6 we get right down to business, and build a new 1.16 nether update Iron farm. Man is this thing not only fast at 400 iron per hour, but we also have 30 villagers to trade with, complete with a zombification trade reducer! Oh, but that’s not the biggest thing, the biggest thing is the killing mechanism of Zombified Hoglins… well… kinda of… you’ll see.

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