Truly Bedrock E71 Fixing Iron Farms & Sorter | Minecraft Bedrock, MCPE, MCBE

Welcome back to another episode of Truly Bedrock! Today in our Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP Let's Play we are gonna do some 1.14.2 fixing.

1.14.2 has been a very interesting update so far on Bedrock Edition.... interesting indeed. That being covered there are several things in the base that are broke as a side effect of this update. One of those would be the shulker storage system that we put in place to bulk store witch farm drops. So today we need to change that up and we need to fix the iron farm today too. Villager... yea hmm I have issues with those guys so this should make for a interesting episode.

That being said I hope you enjoy today's episode of Truly Bedrock.

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