Creating an item sorter for a spawner farm Minecraft Walkthrough on Truly Bedrock S1E57

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode on The Walkthrough, played on the Truly Bedrock server! This is a guide series like no other! It is played on the bedrock edition of Minecraft, and is played on a Survival Multiplayer server! So not only will I get to go over the normal guide-type things such as game mechanics, farms, how to build certain things, and more… but we can also cover some unique multi-player type things as well, which I don’t think any other guide does! Your comments are encouraged, as this series will be interactive and I will take your feedback into what I will do in future episodes!

In today’s walkthrough episode we will be replacing the current item sorter with a design I made for one, and compacting everything to give us even more storage space for afk’ing during longer periods at the stone generator and mob spawner.

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