Gold Farm Bunker and POOP!? Truly Bedrock Season 1 EP 21

Gold Farm Bunker and POOP!? Truly Bedrock Season 1 EP 21

Hello and Welcome back to Another Episode of Truly Bedrock Season 1, and today is going to be an interesting one! unfortunately the California weather has changed and also decided to give me a cold but not stopping me from making a Truly Bedrock Minecraft Video. The First thing that We will work on is to finish up the 1st floor of the Pigman Gold Farm for the Bedrock Edition so that we can have something nice to look at. Also going to start working on a flying machine that was designed by JX67 to turn on and off nether portals in a gold farm which until i started building it takes up a lot of resources good thing Blujaygames opened his shop during a live stream cause i basically bought him out. speaking of streaming we did a 2 hour live stream ourselves and made some more improvements to the 2nd floor but not before Mr TizzTom started throwing poop at me!! EEeeww soo gross, what is he doing with human poop n e way, well lucky i had some fox poop that i can throw back at him.

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