Suspicious Stu! - The Potion Brewing Room! - Truly Bedrock - S02 EP05

In today's episode from the Truly Bedrock SMP server, I start off by sharing the results of my off screen grinding, in an attempt to recover my last episode's mishaps!

After a lot of AFK time at the pillager outpost raid farm, caving, mining and trading with villagers in my temporary villager trading hall, I am once again set up with diamond gear, tools and plenty of mending enchanted books!

I then head over to my one chunk starter house and get to work on my potion brewing room. I set up a farmer villager, named Stu, who I can trade with for compostable items and suspicious stew! To help deal with the high prices he sometimes charges, I install a zombie, so that I can easily transform him in to a zombie villager, cure him, and enjoy a nice emeralds discount!

I then decorate and stock the potion brewing room.

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