Truly Bedrock S1E50 1.13 Another Crash?! | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP, MCPE, MCBE

Welcome back to another episode of Truly Bedrock! Today in our Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP Let's Play we are heading back into 1.13 again. After our last video we had some major issues of being disconnected and causing rollbacks and today we are going to give it another shot!

So today we start off where we left off in the base and start working on removing the tree's around the area and doing some testing to see if the realm crashes or rolls back like it did last time. After a bit of playing around and testing it seems that problem is resolved which is good. 1.13 has brought a lot of interesting things to bedrock and is not short on the bugs xD

That being said we end up setting out to do a few projects and head to spawn to get some iron.

On our way back to our base as we are flying via the overworld to avoid the nether portal bugs we find the original village. Now by the original village we are back where season 1 started. So seeing as this thing has been pretty much destroyed and left in ruins today we set out to maybe, just maybe fix this thing up as it plays a role in how this whole season was started... not to mention it is where our original base was going to be!

So we set out to light up the area and get a ice and snow farm going to get this all started... things don't always go as we plan though and today we experience a new crash. That being said I just had to call it a day but hope you do enjoy todays episode.

That being said I hope you enjoy today's episode of Truly Bedrock.

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