Truly Bedrock Season 0: Cinematic Teaser

I hope you enjoy the teaser to Truly Bedrock Season 0... now to tell you a little bit about what is going on.

Truly Bedrock is a SMP series made on the Bedrock platform of Minecraft purely made up of content creators. I will link all of them below! We are a group that has come together, spent the time to get to know one another, and Season 0 is about furthering that. We will be stuck on a small island together for the duration of the season, which will help us to get to know one another better, and offer opportunities for plenty of collaborations, and mischief.

This season will run for a period of time, and end a bit before the Village and Pillage update comes out, which is when we will start Season 1, our first full length season together. There are only 9 of us now, but we hope to find another 11 quality content creators prior to season 1 begins. I hope you enjoyed the video, please check out all of the links below!!

My channel is based purely around the Minecraft Bedrock edition (Also known as Better Together, MCPE, or Win10 edition). I know most people like the Java edition better... but I believe Bedrock edition is the future of Minecraft, it has far more players than Java does, and all of the players on Bedrock need a little love! There is a major lack of content for Bedrock based videos, and Java based farms, redstone, and other tutorials often times just don’t work for our version of Minecraft. My mission is to fix that 1 video at a time 😊

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Truly Bedrock Member Links:






Rogue Fox


TNC Cuban