Cheap Blaze Farm & The Vine Shop | TrulyBedrock Season 2 [#4] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP Server

Welcome to the very start of a great adventure, this is my BRAND new let's play series on the TrulyBedrock SMP Server Season 2.
I'm playing on the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft.

This server has so MANY cool features,
- Mob Heads(for every member & mob)
- One player Sleeping
- WBIT(What Biome Is This compass)
- Armorstand Tweaks(make them smaller, invisible & able to make them have no gravity)
- DeathCounter
- Some custom textures
- Better trades with the WanderingTrader
- Zombies can't break down doors
- Endermen can't pick up blocks

I'm a new member of the gang, so I hope that they are ready for some stupidity!

The official TrulyBedrock Website:-

Episode Summary:-

Today's episode is more of a recap episode, I've done quite abit of streaming over the weekend, which I got to go to the end dimension with MrBeardstone & get myself some proper gear!

Also, I've linked up my nether portal to my main jungle base area, for faster access.
I've Gathered some more resources whilst mining & selling DRP.B products & lastly I built the server a very cheap & simple Blaze farm, for easy XP & Blaze Rods.

But the main point of today's episode is to finish off my new shop, "Stop Vining"
Yes, great pun there dan...

Basically, it's a run-down temple that only sells vines, I think this could really work well in the future when the other members need vines by the 100's, as well as me!
I might have done a whoopsie also...


Enjoy dudes!!

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