About Rogue Fox

FAKE NEWS! He looks nothing like a Fox!

Hello everyone! I'm RogueFox and welcome to my channel dedicated to redstone tutorials for Minecraft Bedrock Edition ( Xbox One / MCPE / Windows 10 / Switch ) and Minecraft Console Edition ( Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS4 / PS3 / Wii U ).

I enjoy creating redstone contraptions and teaching you how to make them in my easy to follow tutorials. My goal is to help you run your Minecraft Realm, or survival world, more efficiently!

Are you interested in redstone? Automatic and semi-automatic farms? Hidden piston doors? Hidden chests? How about a Let's Play Survival Series? You can find all of that, and more, right here on my channel!

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Current Schedule*
Tuesday @ 12 pm (PST) / 3pm (EST)- Redstone Video
Thursday @ 12 pm (PST) / 3 pm (EST) - Redstone Video
Saturday @ 6 am (PST) / 9 am ( EST) - Survival Series

*Subject to change