About Season 4

Season 4 of Truly Bedrock is played on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Launched on the 30th of November 2021 with the release of Caves and Cliffs Part II aka. Minecraft 1.18.

The world border is 4096 blocks in each direction so from -4096, -4096 to 4096, 4096. We can gather resources outside of this limit, but anything we build will get deleted when we prune the world.

Our world spawn is a hill inside a ring of mountains with a village on one hill.

Packs & Add-ons

As usual we will have a host of add-ons and packs enhancing the vanilla experience as follows:

  • Player Heads & Avatars (Experimental) NEW
  • Mob Heads (Experimental)
  • Mini Blocks (Experimental)
  • Armor Stands+ & Markers (Experimental)
  • One Player Sleep
  • Camera / Spectator
  • Mob Griefing - (Endermen Can't Pickup / Place Blocks. Zombies Can't Break Doors)
  • No Maps - Maps are removed from treasure chests
  • Universal Dying
  • Death Counter
  • Hours Counter
  • Better Rain
  • Better Pumpkin Blur
  • No Potion Particles

The server is hosted in the UK on a dedicated machine owned and managed by Foxy.

World Map

Season 4 World Map