About Season 5

Season 5 of Truly Bedrock is played on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Launched on the 5th of November 2022 in Minecraft 1.19.40.

The world border is 4096 blocks in each direction so from -4096, -4096 to 4096, 4096. We can gather resources outside of this limit, but anything we build will get deleted when we prune the world.

Our world spawn is around a small island in the middle of a large lake.

Packs & Add-ons

As usual we will have a host of add-ons and packs enhancing the vanilla experience as follows:

  • Player Heads & Avatars (Experimental) NEW
  • Mob Heads (Experimental)
  • Actual Mini Blocks (Experimental)
  • Armor Stands+ & Markers (Experimental)
  • One Player Sleep
  • Camera / Spectator
  • Mob Griefing - (Endermen Can't Pickup / Place Blocks. Zombies Can't Break Doors)
  • No Maps - Maps are removed from treasure chests
  • Universal Dying
  • Death Counter
  • Hours Counter
  • Better Rain
  • Better Pumpkin Blur
  • No Potion Particles
  • Rideable Dolphins - New
  • Robots? - New

The server is hosted by NodeCraft

World Map

Season 5 World Map