About Season 2

Season 2 of Truly Bedrock is played on Seed 70. We have a base layout as per the map below. The player heads are our main base areas.

We do not have to only work in these areas, we can build wherever we want.

The world border is 4096 blocks in each direction so from -4096, -4096 to 4096, 4096. We can gather resources outside of this limit, but anything we build will get deleted when we prune the world.

Special Areas

Spawn Area

At spawn we are making 1 chunk builds as a community area. We have some starter bases there as well as decorative builds.

Shopping District

The shopping district is a Mesa Island that we have changed into a Mooshroom Island Biome using world edit to prevent mob spawns and allow us to work with unique lighting styles.

World Map: Seed 70

Season 2 World Map